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Hi, my name is Susan and during any spell of warm weather, often taking off and in my back garden and enjoy the sun. As our large fenced enclosed garden very nice, my husband and I have often fucked outdoors and love the thrill of the outdoors, we like others. Last summer I wrote was enjoying a new neighbor named Tony, and he was in his 60 and had retired and spent most of his time in the backyard playing with his dog and his ball was thrown into the garden my house and climbed a ladder to take a look obvoulsy over the fence and ask again. One day I asked myself, went perfectgirls to the fence and could see a crack in the wall, and threw the ball back and looked and was surprised when Tony had his pants at the ankles and masturbating hard with a huge dick was a beautiful pair hanging ball and I started rubbing my pussy when I saw him muttering to himself and then shot a huge sperm packet in his hand. I wish that I had in my mouthI like to drink semen from males in all sizes, colors and ages, and love, then slid his cock in his pants and perfectgirls left my legs had nearly so, as I found an Activ thought was masturbating over me ( I hope). In the afternoon, when Steve came home from work, said surprsie ahd one for me. He took me to the room I stripped and blindfolded me and then I began to dress and I could feel that I am now in leagues, middle and with a small tip of a child. He kissed me and told me I looked beautiful and took my hand and led me back to the garden. As in the garden I felt a finger begin soon was rubbing my clit, and then I felt a tongue twisting below. I put my hand on his shoulder, as I felt on the lips of my skirt, but what happens next, I thought it was different, like Steve uses his tongue on me, but I did not say anything. Then I felt two hands grab her ass with a erect cock was pressed hard perfectgirls against my pussy suddenly and then slid with ease, aswas a soup. He threw me pumped good and hard as she crashed into my hole soaked, and when he pushed the bitch of my life that I had. I have a beautiful couple and they were all 38ff rocking the place, as I pumped hard and I felt a perfectgirls tingle of excitement and my nipples were like bullets. I loved the feeling of every inch of his cock in me and complained loudly and wondered if the neighbors hear, but I was too far from care. Then Steve told me to sit on the garden wall and the tail, and I perfectgirls grabbed it and feeds on the flesh in my hungry mouth. Li offered and licked down the shaft I licked and sucked and I could perfectgirls feel I was different, as Steve 's cock feels in general, but again, continue, as it was so good in my mouth. As I continued to suck his cock and plays with his balls hanging out, I felt that the press the back of my head closer to his cock and moaned and pumped some more of what had once been a rooster, and THs shot his sperm into my mouth and I could swallow a large amount, but some ran down the side of the mouth and still hanging on my tits. Steve and I stayed at my blindfold was removed and I turned to him and he was fully dressed, but with Tony he was naked and smiling. He asked me if I liked catching a retiree and I saw Steve and I perfectgirls said yes, and he approached me and patted me and told me he was moving a lot more of his cock into the future, if perfectgirls he and Steve said, if I am free, I, Tony was vicious, whenever he wanted. Now Tony is a regular vistor to our room and I sometimes spend the night in his house, and he has begun to introduce one or two of my freinds and I make perfectgirls sure they do not stop, complete with his balls. I even sucked an 82 yar- old, the other day and I was happy, his happiness did not have years ago. to block their children, husbands, uncles, grandparents, I am in favor of milk asmuch as possible.
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